Hickory Woods Community Website Charter

PURPOSE:The Hickory Woods Community Website (www.hwcommunity.info) is designed to encourage, nurture, and develop a sense of community for the residents of Hickory Woods. Its primary functions are:

  • to provide residents with information and share ideas on social activities and community life within Hickory Woods and the larger community of Londonderry, NH
  • to provide a common and convenient repository of information such as resident contact information, community documents, and references and resources for known issues within the development and new issues that arise
  • to provide a common forum to discuss issues relevant to the community


  • Owners and residents of homes within Hickory Woods
  • Hickory Woods Board of Directors


  • Current, accurate and timely information shared on the website
  • Regular updates to the website by committee members
  • Increased interest, participation, and involvement at social activities and events
  • Increased feedback and suggestions for content, events, or information from the community residents


  • The website will strive to be dynamic, not a static brochure, providing current information to convey a sense of community, caring and interest in the residents of Hickory Woods.
  • Provide a regularly updated news feature detailing recent announcements, forum topics and daily events
  • Provide highlights and share thoughts, comments, photos and stories from community events
  • Focus content development efforts on highlighting areas of interest to residents
  • Solicit feedback from residents on various topics such as social events, content or resources helpful to residents, and thoughts, comments and feedback on issues the community is facing
  • Share appropriate information about residents such as contact information and resident listings
  • Be a resource to the Board of Directors as a means to share information with residents, solicit feedback on issues the Board is considering, and provide an outlet for residents to respectfully raise questions to the Board
  • Provide clear navigation and support for commonly sought information
  • Monitor the quality of the site and usability, ensure compatibility with various browsers, keep current with software upgrades as necessary and applicable


    The Hickory Woods Community Website Working Group is an independent team and not an official committee or affiliated with the Hickory Woods Board of Directors. The working group will be managed by interested residents of the community who will be responsible for initiating the website development process, approving the overall direction, and determining whether project goals are met.

    The Working Group is open to residents of the Hickory Woods Community who have an interest in developing content and maintaining the site.

Effective this 25thday of April, 2019.